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Welcome to Spring Dental and thank you for taking the time to peruse our site and familiarise yourself with our practice and our philosophy. Please find below our new patient form which we like to receive in advance before your first appointment. The new patient form gives us a detailed insight into your dental and medical history and helps us tailor the appointment to accommodate your needs.

Also find our welcome letter which explains our new patient exam in a little more detail.

No more ugly obvious bridges and loose uncomfortable dentures. At Spring Dental our expertise with implants is second to none. They look and feel just like your own teeth. No-one would ever know!

You don't have to be a movie star to possess a dazzling smile. We want you to be confident when you flash those pearly whites. Teeth whitening, Veneers and invisalign are available.

New state-of-the-art technology to straighten your teeth without braces. Spring Dental's Dr Arun Mohan is an accredited Invisalign practitioner and is happy to explore this exciting option to enhance your smile.

We have a choice of take home and in-office treatments. The new Zoom! 45 Minute In-Chair system is a revolutionary procedure which is safe, effective and fast. In just under an hour, your teeth will be noticeably whiter.

A dental veneer is a thin covering for the outside of the teeth designed to enhance appearance by masking colour, shape or positional defects.

In order to strengthen and restore teeth which have sizeable cavities porcelain fillings and crowns can now be made in one visit using state of the art CAD CAM technology. Digital dentistry with the use of the Cerec machine makes this possible, and has applications in areas such as replacing old amalgam fillings and restoring new larger cavities with the strength and beauty of porcelain.

The very mention of these words can cause unwanted images to conjure up in the mind. At Spring Dental your dentist will investigate the cause of your pain and present a variety of options to tackle the problem so that you ultimately arrive at an informed decision about what to do next and most importantly are pain-free.

At Spring Dental our most important patients are the kids. We strive to ensure that each child retains a happy and healthy mouth for life so dental visits are encouraged from as young as possible. We recommend bringing your children along with you for your own dental check ups so that they are able to experience non-confrontational dentistry from a young age in a safe and fun environment.

So you have a cavity, RELAX, the team at Spring Dental are here to help and will guide you through the options available to restore your tooth back to its former self in no time. If the cavity is small a simple filling may suffice, however if more of the tooth is affected then inlays, onlays or crowns may be used to cover and protect your tooth. These can now be made in one visit using digital dentistry and the Cerec machine.

Or are you disturbed by a partner who snores. We may have a solution. Dentistry can now help by providing appliances which may help certain patients. Our dentists can also help uncover other diseases such as sleep apnoea which may be the underlying problem.

We care for people who are nervous or have a fear of the dentist. Our treatment is personalised so we take the time to listen to your concerns and address them. We endeavour to be gentle and give explanation as required. Adjunctive aids include nitrous oxide sedation, oral sedation and intra-venous sedation which can be deployed as needed to increase comfort.

From minor fillings to inlays, onlays or crowns, we return your tooth as close as possible to its natural state.




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